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You only miss some when starts to snow

Jack came into his apartment, leaving his coat and his scarf over the floor, without the mood of caring a lot about it. He left his body fall in the sofa, to tired to turn on the lights. Not like he needed them. Only 20 or 30 minutes lasted to the sunrise. The light of the moon was going into the room, lightning up the mail he had piled on the desk, trying to cover the letter he wised he had never received. Just looking at it made him go mad.

But Rapunzel was like that. Too considerate for being aware of what she was doing to him.  Going to her wedding? He would never do that, not when going supposed to see her becoming the wife of Eugene Fitzherbert. He went to the window, looking the city covered by snow, ready for awake in a little time. The sun would rise to see her wedding. He sighed, moving like a machine until he reached his bed. It had felt alone since he and Rapunzel broke up. A year ago exactly the next day. Everything was wrong, so wrong. He spine, lengthen his arm to grab a blanket. It wasn’t because he was cold, he was never cold it was just because he needed to feel something warm. He hugged a fabric full of suns, flowers, purple and golden things. Her part. 

He remembered how she had take like 3 months to complete it, working while he was sleeping next to her. Their times were perfect, they complement each other. All middays and afternoons were all theirs. He worked in the observatory all nigh, watching the stars and studying the laws of the universe. He was an astronomer. While she, well, she didn’t have any specific time to work. She was an artist, paint in the hair and bare-feet. Basically Jack didn’t used his apartment a lot, it was cold and empty, while hers was an explosion of life and vanilla scent. Painted walls, a lot of flowers, light in everything she made. Her voice, all time impregnating the rooms, singing, or talking, just making sure he could hear her every single moment. He met her when he just finished university, his first day in the observatory, in fact. He went out to see the observatory when he saw her, just like a drop of sun in the middle of the night. His eyes met hers, they were like to crystals of light. She smiled at him, asking if it was any problem for be there and explained that was her favorite place to draw stars and that she tough that wasn’t forbid… He denied, making her just smile with all her body, tending her hand to his as he knew her name was Rapunzel. Even that moment, some crayon covered her fingers and he ended with his in a blue tone. 

Then they meet almost all nights, as she explained to him that she was working in an exposition about stars and galaxies. He just sat next to her for an hour or two, looking how just little lines of color were able to be more magic than the galaxies they were trying to be. Then she used to leave the crayons and listen his stories about the galaxies and stars, smiling brightly all time. After a month he could just remember that he kissed her and after that moment, they dated to end sharing apartment. He had never felt so… alive?

The tears made the fabric turn darker, but not like he cared, not like anyone would hear him cry.


Rapunzel woke up, cold, looking up to see the last moonlight rays light her white dress. Why she felt sick just looking at? She woke up, searching in the dark for something to put on her nightgown, taking the first her fingers touch. When she felt the fabric covering her body, she couldn’t stop a little smile. It was his hoodie, she had never given it back, mostly because she didn’t want to. She went down the stairs, knowing exactly where all the pencils where, going to the kitchen where she heat a cup of her famous floral tea… Nobody except Jack had accepted to taste it. She walked back to the stairs, sitting in front of the window, leaving the cup as she hugged herself against the hoodie. 

Jack used to sit her in his lap, hugging her as she draw, painted or simply wanted to sit. He was like that, a little kid who just wanted to touch her, like in that way, he was sure she was not going to leave him. She knew after 2 months living together what had happened to his family, how he was alone and why she loved him so much. That was the time she started to make that blanket, hiding until he found out. One night, while they were in the observatory together, he said her something she would remember all her life.

"You’re my sun, you’re the reason why I’m able to shine. And not even all the stars of the universe will be able to make me want to be alive as you do. You’re the most important star of my whole universe, Punzie"

She had hugged him, kissing him before they returned home. They were like the sun and the moon, but she loved that explosive combination. And people would never be able to imagine how good hot and cold worked together. 

She started to cry, hugging herself without caring about the world, just letting all her feeling be free. She felt asleep in that exact place, rising when the sun woke her up. Eight in the morning, when her and Jack used to have breakfast. No, not more thinking about him. Was her wedding day, she was going to marry a good man. She had met Eugene when Jack for some reason take a distance from her. Eugene was the director of an important business company, Maximus Limited Liability Company. He was out more of the time, and barely accepted Rapunzel’s way of life, but was caring and always came back. She went back to her bedroom, having a shower before putting the dress on her body. It was a white dress tight in the chest, letting all the fabric fall, covering her feet. Not sleeves, just a bow around them. Crystals decorated the dress, and a purple detail made it look less white. A stylist came at the accorded hour, putting make up in her face and brushing her long golden locks. She picked up all her hair in a beautiful burn. Eugene’s idea. She looked herself at the mirror, not liking a lot what she saw. Was true that her face had never looked so great and the burn was amazing, but that wasn’t her, not the her she expected in her wedding. The stylist leave her a little space, leaving her alone in the room. She sighed. She put in her head a little tiara, from her mother, the pendants Anna had lend her and for the blue thing… She put in her neck a beautiful snowflake pendant, with a blue crystal on its center. It was Jack’s first present. He had showed her the golden sun he had in his neck, telling her that they came together and they remembered him to them. She smiled as she held it, standing then, ready to the wedding.

When the car stopped, she could see an enormous carriage, pulled by two white horses. One of them was a present Eugene had made her a weeks ago, telling her its name was Maximum… How original, she tough. She remembered how she had spent hours and hours drawing him, bonding a lot with the horse. Of course Eugene told her that he had give it to her for ride, not for draw. She didn’t care about his opinion. If it was hers, she could do whatever she wanted. 

"Max!" she had renamed it. The animal neigh when he saw her, trying to move closer. She hugged his neck, stroking his white hair. "Who’s a good boy, you are!

"Miss Corona, please, you’ll get dirty. It’s an expensive dress and…" the driver said, making her feel so angry in that instant. But she just nodded, getting on the carriage as it started to move. The snow was everywhere, white and cold. But for reason, she couldn’t feel it. First time the cold wasn’t a bother to her. When she entered in the church, the only thing she searched for was for a chocolate hair and blue eyes infinite as the sky.


"Stop the wedding!" he screamed as he run into the church, making everybody turn. The groom turned to him, smiling with that smile he knew so well, running to him as he opened his arms to catch her.

He smiled tiredly as he walked with the church behind him. No, he was not enough strong for enter there. He wanted her to be happy, even if it was with another man. He started to walk where he was only him.


"You look beautiful" he said, but she wasn’t listening. She had to be sure of one thing.

"What’s with favorite flower?" she asked

"Blondie… right now?" he tried to avoid, but the look in her eyes was to strong "Sunflowers"

"Wrong. Tiare flowers" she answered to herself "Favorite material to draw?



The priest asked if everything was alright. Eugene was going to say yes, but she denied louder than him.

"No, nothing is right!" she screamed "And I’m not gonna wait until the part where we accept each other. I don’t!"

She took away the ring in her finger and the veil and started to run to the door, facing the snow and the cold when she leave the church. She had made that as an impulse, she didn’t tough about what to do next. Then, a familiar sound made her smile, running until she arrived next to the carriage, where Max was.

"Hey, ready for a ride?" she smiled as the horse whinnied, waiting until his owner set him free and mount on his back "Go Max, go!"

She unmade the burn, letting her hair fall over her back. Her breather transformed into little white clouds, not she cared. She rode, streets and people to sort where the only she could see. Her mind was focused in something else. Find him.


Jack was resting with the back in one of the outside walls of the observatory. That snow made less painful the fact that he had lose her forever. If he was crying, his cold face wasn’t able to told him. He was going to go back home when the only voice able to stop him screamed his name.

"Jack" she repeated his name, going down of the horse as her feet weren’t able to move. She was so scared… Impulsiveness wasn’t her thing.

"Punzie" he said, almost unable to believe that she was there, with a horse and her wedding dress… "What are you doing here?"

She shrugged, starting to walk next to him, but he didn’t give her time. He hugged her, taking her body to make it turn in the sky as she couldn’t stop laughing.

"The one with the horse should have be me, princess" he said still hugging her "Man, what will people think? I had a knight reputation…

"Princesses can take care of themselves too" she smiled, kissing him, feeling his hair under her fingers. He kissed her back, hugging her closer until a horse noise made them turn, finding Max’s face caressing Rapunzel’s back "Hi Max"

"So, since when you have a horse?" he asked, making her giggle as she pointed the wedding dress. Eugene’s present. He nodded, thanking not to hear that name again. Her body started to tremble. making him take off his coat to pout it over her wedding dress.

"Thank you" she smiled. "Can I ask you something?"


"What’s my favorite flower? Favorite thing to draw?"

"Your favorite flower is one that was created after a sun drop fell in the Earth. But since you discovered it wasn’t real, tiare flowers become your second favorite. You love oil"

She smiled, kissing his cheek before taking the reins of Max.

"We’re gonna keep the horse, right?"

"Yep" she said, taking his hand as she started to walk. And as she was sure, he followed, without asking. Just with him, the infinite didn’t seem so big.


Toothless in palette 12 requested by random-jxni

I had to choose between toothless and belle, and I couldn’t resist to draw my favorite dragon. First time drawing Toothless, and proud of the result (mostly, I’ve to practice)

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illtoucheverystarinthesky: YAAAAY! This is a tumblr hug. Happy virus !! (^▽^)/ Once you get this, you must share 5 things that makes you feel happy ヾ(^-^)ノ then pass to your 10 favorite blogs (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Spread the smiles! 

Alright! What makes me happy, what makes me happy…? Well, my family, friends, books, art and the world around me.

-Ariel underwater-

The way I wanted to draw this request. I think she really looks beautiful.


2/6 life ruiners: Jack Frost

We’ll always be there, Jamie. And now, we’ll always be here. Which kind of makes you a guardian too. 


3/6 life ruiners: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III 

I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you can only try.

-Ariel with pixie hair- requested by anonymous

-Belle with pixie hair- requested by chezrenee

Sure the short hair looks amazing on you and thank you, thank you for love my drawings.


It was supposed to be in palette 11, and it is, well, with filters I don’t know where came from… I’m sorry, it’s not exactly what anonymous requested, but I hope he/she likes it anyway.

(The chinese characters were draw without any knowledge of chinse language. If it means something bad or sounds without sense I just copy those characters without knowing what they mean)

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Snowflakes, they are unique, no one was, is or will be like other.

made with weavesilk

Anonymous: wowowow i love your art! and it's so cool of you to do these requests! 

Thank you


The requests are something amazing to do, mostly because I’m terrible at making decisions (the most important reason why I take too long at drawing) so they let me practice and have a good time drawing them. I’m proud that most of the people who requested them liked them. I think is the most important thing, well, second, cause the first one is you enjoying what you do. 

And when I first tried to open requests nobody asked me, any single time. Was a bit discouraging… But now I started with digital drawing I think people is aware that I’m not a bad artist and nowadays I think that the problem was the bad quality of the photos of my traditional drawings.

Well, thank you again for love my art.


Jasmine in palette 10

yetictac: your art is amazing ** 

Thank you ^^) Means a lot to me