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Anonymous: Make an elsa concept art please! 

I’ve already made one.


This is the link to it.

songofafreeheart: Your art has gotten so beautiful! I love the Mermaid AU pictures. XD 

Thank you!


(Makes me feel awkward remembering what I drew for you a long time ago)

Jackunzel Mermaid AU- Cheek kiss

"You taste like mint, and land"

continuation of this sketches.I apoligise for saying it before, but Viria’s art inspired me, I hope doesn’t botter anyone. 

Frozen Arrows (second part)

The post was so big, so it was necessary to start in other one to continue writing. Here’s the link to the old part.

This is helping me a lot in my english, writing it and finding new vocabulary.

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Frozen-Anna concept art

Frozen-Elsa concept art


Requested by Anonymous

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.

-The Ice Lady-

This is my character in an original rp I’m making with the-night-hunter

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I love this character, and I never imaged my first time drawing him would be like this.

Jackunzel-Mermaid AU sketches

They took a lot, but here they are, all my little "pieces of art" are finished. It’s something Punziella encouraged me to do, giving me her opinion and supporting me a lot.

So, here we have Jack living in a villlage next to the sea, which he hates because of reasons that will be explained. Well, one day, he falls in the water and Rapunzel appears to save him. She’s a mermaid who wants to see the world, explore, be free… She doesn’t become human for romantically reasons. The thing is that she helps Jack to find the light again, to open him again to the life that surrounds him and the new life she had brought with her. 

Maybe we (Punziella and me)’ll do a story about it explaining all the details, that ‘s not sure, but I’d like.

(I’ve to give color to some, and post the others separately, cause like that is difficult to appreciate the details… But I did it!)


All of the HTTYD 2 “mood boards” I made :)

audreyspektorworld: Hi =D I have just discovered your tumblr page. Your edits are amazing!!! May I ask which program do you use to make them? 

Thank you ^^) I’m so happy to hear that! 


I use Photoshop C5. But it’s not necessary that program for make edits and stuff, PaintTool Sai and Procreate seems to have a great result too. The most important thing is find the program that suits you more and start working with it! 

If you choose Photoshop, you can ask me whatever you want, about the tools or how the program works. It’s easy, with a few guidelines is not really complicated. The complicated thing in fact is find inspiration